10-7-09 ARTHISTORY - Aphrodisias Sebasteion 2nd c roman...

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Aphrodisias, Sebasteion, 2 nd c. - roman sculpture - wonderful sacred springs o leave marble like deposit o considered holy spot for this reason - NYU discovered a remarkable building o Dedicated to emporer of the time o Really a cult building o Long narrow building that’s entered on short side o Sides there were secondary rooms where court stood and watched processions going form outside Honorific rituals Organized to exalt julian-claudial dynasty o On walls Reliefs arranged in two rows that showed two histories Typical of roman art (importance of history) Emphasized story of ppl of troy Historical/legendary o Led to founding of rome o When troy was overtaken, certain ppl fled (Anneas) who goes off to Italy and founds rome o Local reality and allegorical figure o Paired w/ near contemporary history Victorious augustus conquering land By some kind of divine right, they have conquered the land of turkey o Typical of roman art Combine Hellenistic traits Twisting idealized pose of augustus and the naked portraiture of roman art Put to use for imperial propaganda Portrait head disproportionate to body o Disjuncture is part of message o Romans tend to favor history and also introduces allegorical figures Rome, Arch of Titus, after 81 - romans invented form of trophy/ pedestal to exhibit trophies - triumpent art - looks like doorway into forum, but its actually a free standing monument o pedestal that held a chariot gilted in bronze that stood about 15 ft atop o assume that it was the base of a sculpture o served movements of senate coming via sacra (sacred street) emperor comes down through palace
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met at the pedestal and proceeded to the forum - built to commemorate a great victory o typical of fiction of unity built by seante to honor the emporer emperor is depicted in it inscription: words exalting emperor and seante, origanlly inlaid w/ gold letters, very dramatic evidence of wealth that comes from conquest archers – allegorical figures of victory and triumph inside – reliefs of specific victories conquest of Jerusalem (titus’s conquest 70 AD) sacked the temple; soldiers coming into rome, going through tiumphel arch itself w/ menorah and table and
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10-7-09 ARTHISTORY - Aphrodisias Sebasteion 2nd c roman...

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