Art History 9-28 - Art History 9/28/09 Doryforus - balance...

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Art History 9/28/09 Doryforus - balance b/w nature and rational principles (numbers) o notion of equilibrium that looks realistic; assumed into numbers o important aspect of classical art - beauty arises in the commencer of the ability of the parts of the body such as that of finger to finger or of all the fingers to palm and wrist and of those to forearm… and in fact to everything to everything else… the perfect ratio to human head to total height of body is 1:7; perfection comes little by little through numbers o painters/sculptures make beautiful models through the mean within the genus o numbers and ratios give rise to the perfect figure in every species; basically take perfect pieces and put them together to make one perfect whole piece. o Empirical part plus rational part (ratio) o Find in nature something that fits the ideal - Relates to belief that the ‘perfect types’ upstairs get frustrated when the perfect type is realized on earth o Relationship with type and archetype Down here, the most beautiful person will never be as beautiful as those who preceded Therefore, art itself is never fully satisfied o Job of artist/talent of artist is to somehow perceive these archetypes better than those around them and to reproduce them so that when a viewer looks at a work of art, they glimpse something that is higher than anything they’ve seen otherwise Athens, Parthenon, 447-32 BCE - Greeks were creating notion of human manufacture that surpasses nature by building Parthenon against a rugged background - Also evident in the very way in which the building was perceived and used o Annual pan-athenaic procession in which living ppl went up to acropolis to present gifts to Athena and what they saw when they looked at sculptures in the building of other ppl The other ppl were archetypes from the past; ppl who were ideal Creates a continuum that improves our lives – sets an ideal to which we might aspire Culminates in pictures of gods who are presented as perfect embodiments of human qualities - Parthenon however, sometimes went away from the ideal of the time period o Adjustments were made so that the appearance was more mathematical - Classic ideal: an art that by perfecting nature so that an archetype/architecture has a noble effect
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o Equilibrium b/w nature and empiracle observation and rational principle o Balance b/w figuration and architectural/material constraints on art The relief, architectural support, plane of stone (artistic equilibrium) Architecture: clarity based on number and order so that its
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Art History 9-28 - Art History 9/28/09 Doryforus - balance...

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