Art History Lecture 1 - Art History Lecture 9/9/09 1. What...

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Art History Lecture 9/9/09 1. What do all these things have in common a. All man-made b. Aesthetic characteristics c. Physical objects 2. all materials in this course are going to be man-made objects that are looked at aesthetically 3. For the vessels, the little clear cups tell the viewer that they’re art a. aesthetics – pleasing to senses i. components: composed presentation (arrangement), their form (symmetry, relationship of various elements to one another like curves that relates to the lips and bases of the containers), color (red with glazed black) 4. Pharmaceutical plant drawing a. Aside from the obvious function it serves, if you move away from it’s function, it becomes aesthetically pleasing 5. Pic of Ghandi a. Visual abstract elements (black and white, composition, contrast, etc), narratives (spinning wheel, what is he reading, why is he sitting, etc) 6. Herbert L. Kessler, Waterfall Along St. Lawrence River a. Reflection of waterfall and bridge, arrangement of scenery b. There are instruments like cameras that automatically introduce aesthetics; built in artistic elements (automatically framing a scene, creates a central point, etc.) 7. Physical Objects a. ex: Constantine, 4 th c. vs. another sculpture of a head and shoulders i. one allows viewer to see the statue face to face – establish a relationship and allows us to come closer, the other is life-size and one must stand back from it; Constantine doesn’t allow us to approach him b. Scale/size – make enormous difference in how we relate to the work and how
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Art History Lecture 1 - Art History Lecture 9/9/09 1. What...

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