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CSE 2240 Test 1 Study Guide This is a fairly comprehensive list of the topics you should be well aquatinted with in order to make a good grade on the test. The test will cover chapters 1-3. The test is open book, closed notes, and no calculators. 1. Signed integer representation (2's complement) 2. Unsigned integer representation 3. Character representation (ASCII) 4. Assembly language vs. machine language 5. Low-level vs. high-level languages 6. Instruction execution cycle (Fetch, Decode, Execute)
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Unformatted text preview: 7. Radix conversions 8. Binary and hexadecimal addition and subtraction 9. Data allocation directives (BYTE, WORD, etc.) 10.Operators (DUP, $, LABEL, +, -, *, /, MOD, etc) 11.Symbolic constants (=, TEXTEQU, and EQU) 12.Data representation in RAM (bytes flipped) 13.Register names and sizes 14.Micro-programmed Architecture terminology 15.Pipelines 16.Real mode vs. protected mode 17.Carry, Sign, Zero and Overflow Flag settings...
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