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c++ vector notes - { this -> data= new int[size+...

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vector.h 1. Should maintain an ordered sequence of integers 2. Should expose the following interface a) insert(int) - add arg to end b) elementAt(int loc) - returns value stored @ loc c) modify(int loc, int new val) - update d) getSize() - since arrays don't know how big they are need 3 process directives so that it doesn't declare more than once in the main.cpp " " search local directory for file < > search the system files _____________________________________________________ vector.h #ifndef VECTOR_H #define VECTOR_H class vector { private: int size; int * data; int capacity; void resize(); public: vector(); vector(int [ ], int size); void insert(int data); int elementAt(int loc, int&val); int modify(int loc, int newVal); int getSize(); }; #endif _____________________________________________________ vector.cpp #include "vector.h"
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vector::vector() { data= new int[10]; size= 0; capacity= 10; } vector::vector(int data[ ], int size)
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Unformatted text preview: { this -&gt; data= new int[size+ 10]; this -&gt; size= size; capacity= size + 10; for(int i = 0; i&lt;size; i++) { (this -&gt; data)[i] = data[i]; } } void vector::insert(int item) { if(size == capacity) { resize(); } date[size]=item; size++; } int vector::elementAt(int loc, int&amp;val) // location, pass by reference of the value { if(location&lt;0 || location &gt;= size) return -1; else{ val = data[location]; // sets val equal to whatever the user was trying to see. .. they now have the value to cout or whatever they want return 0; } } int vector:: modify(int loc, int newVal) { if(loc &lt; 0 || loc &gt;= size) return -1 else{ data[loc] = newVal; return 0; } } int vector:: getSize() { return size; } void vector:: resize() { int * temp= new int[capacity + 10]; for(int i=0; i&lt;capacity; i++) { temp[i] = data[i]; } capacity+=10; delete data; data= temp; } #include &lt;iostream&gt;...
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c++ vector notes - { this -&amp;amp;gt; data= new int[size+...

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