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Biology 370 9.10.09 - -the rate of evolution is depends on...

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Biology 370 9/10/09 Exam 9/17/09 Evolution, variation, mutation, natural selection, HWE (gene flow???) No Tuesday discussion sections Exam will include; A few multiple choice ~5 Definitions Short essay 1 discussion section question PEN Review Session Tuesday 4-6 PAT 617 Equations: V p =V A +V N +V E h 2 =V A /V 1j p+q=1 p 2 +2pq+q 2 =1 Natural selection Darwin’s Postulates -populations are variable -variation is heritable -differential survival/reproduction -differencess in who lives and dies is because they have some sort of adaptation that increases fitness Fitness, especially relative fitness Fitness functions Fisher’s fundamental theorm -under natural selections populations will evolve to a higher fitness
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Unformatted text preview: -the rate of evolution is depends on V A Adaptive landscape Fitness of individuals vs. phenotype (top) Mean fitness of population vs. phenotype (bottom) Red star dies off and greens are left so mean fitness increases How do we predict response to selection R=h 2 s R=response to selection =change in mean of x from generation 1-> 2 s= selection coefficient =slope of fitness on x h 2 =heritability of x If heritability =1 all the variation is due to genes If the heritability is <1 then all the heritability doesn’t have to do with genes...
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