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Questions on Golgi and Traffic doc

Questions on Golgi and Traffic doc - ER-Golgi Traffic...

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ER-Golgi Traffic - Endosome System 1. How did George Palade show the path and progress of newly made proteins in the ER. What is meant by pulse and chase. 2. What are the steps in moving a vesicle from one compartment to another. How is the direction of transport and the proper destination determined? A. Coating? B. Role of Rab proteins C. Cyotskeleton and motors D. Tethering E. Snares? 3.How are COP proteins involved in vesicle movement. Where are they involved. How does the direction of movement correlate with different COP proteins. How are small G proteins involved? 4. What are the steps in going between the ER and Golgi. Where does sorting back to the ER take place. What is the signal that sends proteins back to the ER. Explain how this works 5. What is the organization of the Golgi: Where do proteins enter and where do they leave? 6. What is the evidence that each different Golgi compartment has its own unique enzymes.
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