10-23-08 class notes 349 - 10/23/08 349 A-P axis...

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10/23/08 349 A-P axis determination Somite formation A/P patterning DV, ML Neural tube Neural crest A/P patterning Hindbrain rhombomeres Ephrin signaling Hox gene expression Intro to Celegans HW 3’—Hoxb1—Hoxb4—Hoxb9—5’ What determines if it will become brain, truck, tail etc? Secreted molecules from the notochord Transplanted regions: neural tube will differentiate according If you look inside the spinal chord you don’t see segments/ the somites, the only place that actually shoes this is the hindbrain Sclerotome and Dermomyotome Sclerotome -will contribute to cartlidge formation Dermomyotome -demotome and myotome Dermotome -will form the dermis under the skin This is not pre determined in contrast to somites when the embryo forms Standard fate mapping: when you ask what will these cells become Found that if you reverse the somite so that it has just formed the part that would of become sclerotome will become myotome If you remove the notochord the cells will kill themselves: shows that cells are getting
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10-23-08 class notes 349 - 10/23/08 349 A-P axis...

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