11-6-08 class notes 349 - 349 11/6/08 Review tonight 5-8 OH...

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349 11/6/08 Review tonight 5-8 OH tomorrow 3-5 Exam 2 next Tuesday Morphogenesis Cell adhesion Cell migration Initiation Guidance ?cues? Adherins have cell-cell interactions so bind like molecules Are calcium dependent Ex. e-cadherin binds to e-cadherin Cadherins are bound to the actin cytoskeleton Other cadherins seen in epithelial cells and…. Junctions/connections b/w cells are being connect by cadherins binding to each other One of the important parts of what the cadherins do are link…. B-catenin is shown localized in these adherin junctions Take away calcium and no longer stiff and will loose the ability for cadherin to bind Each particular cadherin can be broken (unzipped) to get the cells to move apart What does this have to do with development? Role of cadherins in development Dissociate cells by _________ calcium They didn’t aggregate in two separate clumps but aggregated…. If you mix all the cells (neural tissue, neural plate) together they will eventually re- associate together One thing you can do is with cells in culture -take fibroblast and force them to express different cadherins and see how they behave -find that when you start to have the cells to express E-cadherin they will aggregate -when you take away calcium they will not aggregate -shows that cadherins require calcium for binding Another thing you can do is mix together cells that have e-cadherin with those that don’t and you will find that the cells that express e-cadherin aggregate and the (others surround them?) Another experiment was done where some cells were expressing e-cadherin and cells
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11-6-08 class notes 349 - 349 11/6/08 Review tonight 5-8 OH...

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