11-18-08 class notes 349 - 349 11/18/08 Differentiation...

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349 11/18/08 Differentiation Cloning Embryonic Stem Cells (ES) Induced pluripotent stem cells (ipS) Embryonic stem cells could regenerate tissue. Could be used to make a new liver for example. (controversial) Induced pluripotent stem cells: not coming from embryos What makes a cell differentiated. Turn on a gene X and it leads to the expression of other genes and the reression of other genes. In a differentiated cell you will have a set of genes either being expressed or repressed. Methylation is associated with exclusion of a histone, one of the functions of methylation. Maybe one of the reasons why DNA that is methylated is not expressed. In Xenopus they took both skin cells from adults and gut cells from the epithelial from tadpoles. Put them into oocytes where the maternal oocyte nucleus had been destroyed from UV irradiation. Took the nuclei out of these donor cells and transplanted them in a oocyte where it had been knocked out Taking nucleus from skin of frog, normally only making proteins associated with the skin, putting it in an oocyte and through division has been able to produce frog. (identical to adult frog) DNA in skin cell nucleus has all the information it needs to make multiple fates. Only antibodies are permanently changed *B cells?* Easier if you do this with a blastula/ younger cells First mammal to be cloned was a sheep named Dolly Many clones are not completely normal and have health problems If you try to characterize gene expression about 5% of them are not expressed/ repressed where they should be Imprinted genes have a huge problem For some genes its expressing 1 allele, could be 1 maternal, 1 paternal
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11-18-08 class notes 349 - 349 11/18/08 Differentiation...

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