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Genetics Feb 14 chapter 4b

Genetics Feb 14 chapter 4b - Chapter 4b Missed something...

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Chapter 4b Missed something here… -A tetrad represents the products of a single meiosis that remain together. -Example: Yeasts, some algae, basidiospores (Basidiomycetes), asco spores (Ascomycota). -Basidomycetes are mushroom and toadstools Look up fungi -Ascomycota spores are in a sac called the ascus. ***********Contributions of tetrads to genetics #1 is Point 1 A tetrad gives us the opportunity to look at a single product of meiosis, therefore you can test Mendel’s …….. 108:10 Point 2 Ordered tetrads or linear tetrads allow us to map the centromere with respect ot loci -Figure 6-7 Note when it is a linear or ordered tetrad and there is no cross over between the locus and centromere under consideration, we see 2 blocks of 4 or 2 blocks of 2 in the tetrad -Haploids are convenient to work with. Small size. Dominance does not hide recessive alleles. Assignment chapter 6 35, 36, 38, 41, 43, 45, 47, 49, 51, 52, 55, 62, 63, 66, 67 Hardest problems entire course Chapter 4 solved problem 2 Begin notes February 12 th -Biodiversity book underline-more than than 40%... extracts of plants, Margin write note: one of the main benefits of biodiversity, in the DNA of all life forms is written the information how they solve their biological and physical problems on this planet. Therefore every species is a library of how we can solve our biological and physiological problems. For example drugs: note we can put together any combination, Oxygen, carbon phosphorous, nitrogen sulfur, to kill the fungus, we go to some place on earth where fungi is a problem and survey the plants for a fungicide, then you can design something. It’s written in the DNA of the plant that deals with the fungi. -Tetrad analysis allows us to study the result of an individual meiosis. -If Aa produces 50% (a) and 50% (a) we assume that this is a result… -Examination of individual meiosis in ordered asci also allows the mapping of loci with respect to the centromere.
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-2 things tetrads allow us to do?? 1. Examine the individual meiosis 2 allow the mapping of loci -For some loci human sperm (haploid) can be evaluated for recombination. See page 180.
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