genetics jan 24 - Biodiversity(largest problem facing...

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Unformatted text preview: Biodiversity (largest problem facing humanity today) • Species Diversity 1. *on quiz* Species richness- the number of different species in the area you are talking about 2. Species evenness-how evenly the individuals are distributed across the particular species note there are species diversity indices that you plug in to • Genetic Diversity- total number of different alleles in an area • Habitat Diversity- the number of different habitats in the area-Why is this important?-Because the habitat today gives rise to new species and the habitat maintains the species. This is our life support system • If the locus is X-linked the locus is located on the X chromosome • Figure 2-25 in book • Chromosomes other than the chromosomes involved in sex determination are called autosomes • An X-linked problem • Pedigree analysis • Know symbols for pedigree analysis. Pg 66, fig. 2-28 • Pedigree homework • Four modes of inheritance • Autosomal dominant • Autosomal recessive • X linked dominant • X linked recessive • Disease- any non-normal functioning of the organism • Homework for next week for Friday, try to make a three tier pedigree where the only explanation possible is only one of the four modes of inheritance...
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genetics jan 24 - Biodiversity(largest problem facing...

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