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Chapter 6 Gene Interaction A goal of genetic analysis is to identify all the genes that affect a specific phenotype and to understand their genetic, cellular, developmental and molecular roles. Interactions between the alleles at one locus Types of Dominance o Students should know two examples for each of the following types: o (One example from the disease sickle cell anemia and ot??????? Complete Dominance o One allele is completely dominant to another when the heterozygote has the same phenotype as one of the two homozygotes. BB=black, Bb= black, bb= brown This is complete dominance at the level of coat color The dominant allele is said to be the one found in the homozygote that has the same phenotype as the heterozygote. Incomplete dominance
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Unformatted text preview: o One allele is said to be incompletely dominant to another allele when the heterozygote has a phenotype that is intermediate between the two homozygotes. • Codominance • One allele is said to exhibit codominance with respect to another allele when each allele produces its full phenotype in the herterozygote. • Polymorphism in the loosest sense means that there??? • In the most qualified sense polymorphism refers to the existence of more than one allele at a locus in a population. There must be at least two alleles where their proportion is greater than .01 • Multiple allelism refers to the existence of more than two alleles at locus. • A locus that exhibits multiple allelism maybe polymorphic....
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