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BUSINESS-101 NAME-RAVINDERJOT SINGH CHOHAN SUBMITTED TO- PROF. CHRISTOPHER FINNIN ARE WE HEADED TOWARDS ANOTHER OIL SHOCK The article discusses about the economic problems related to energy that could faced by the world after the the recovery from the downfall in the global economy. Problems regarding availability of energy in future in relation to its demand, absence of substitutes and need to take early measures to avoid another oil shock or it’s already late are the main issues. In 1970’s world experienced two oil shocks. The article compares that situation to present conditions. It clearly says that that their was a wider scope and chances of developing better and efficient substitutes but not now because supply was more promising earlier than now. Moreover the demand for energy is going to increase as soon as global economy recovers. The main issue right now is how to tackle the proble of demand and supply without inflicting any shock to economies of countries. As we know that the demand and supply are the key factors of
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This note was uploaded on 11/11/2009 for the course BUSINESS A busn 101 taught by Professor Christopherfinnin during the Spring '09 term at Drexel.

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