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Small+House+Final - Department of Architecture and...

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Department of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and Environmental Planning University of California, Berkeley ED1: Introduction to Environmental Design Fall 2007 Instructor: Randy Hester GSIs: Lauren Daley, David Gregory, Kirsten Johnson, Luke Perry, Brendan Stewart Assignment #2: The Small House Part 1: Site Analysis Due in Section Week 9 Part 2: Selection of Unit and Initial Critique of Small House Due in Section Week 10 Part 3: Selection of Public Space Due in Section Week 11 Part 4: Critique of Most Special Place in the House Due in Class Week 12 (November 13 and 15) Part 5: Final Review of Small House Due in Class Week 15 (December 4 and 6) Now that you have been introduced to many of the tools and elements of design through the first three projects, we will take the ideas and methods of critical review one step further and go into much more depth exploring issues of site, scale, sustainability, and materiality. This project will continue to explore the idea of the living space, both indoors and outdoors, but on a much more constrained site and scale. By focusing on a more urban context, issues related to density, transportation options, and (sub)urban development will be introduced here to better understand how the decisions we make as designers affect not only the immediately surrounding spaces, but entire neighborhoods and communities. The assignment will be to take your ideas of the home and garden that you developed through The Fourth House and reinterpret them to fit into an approximately 1,000 square foot space of your own, along with one common area or public space. In order to do this, you will choose a unit of the Brower Center in which you would most like to live, taking into consideration orientation, views, noise, relationship to street, and other pertinent contextual considerations. The common or public space may or may not be in the actual Brower Center itself. Part of this assignment will be to explore in greater depth the issues you have already been exposed to on your first two projects. You will be asked to do a site analysis, material exploration, and detailed refinement of the spaces focusing very much on the act of drawing and building. Environmental Design 1 Fall 2007
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In order to gather the information you need, you can access the plans for the Brower Center on Bspace. Download all the drawings and use them accordingly during each part of the assignment. Part 1: Site Analysis Due In Section Week 9 Using the site visit time in section and followup visits on your own, prepare an in-depth site analysis that documents the different conditions on and around the site that will influence the selection and design of your unit and the satellite public space. Things you might consider include sun patterns throughout the day and year, prevailing breezes, circulation and traffic patterns of cars and people, noise, views, topography, drainage, social factors such as who is nearby and how they use the area, as well as any other contextual information that you feel
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Small+House+Final - Department of Architecture and...

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