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eng 101 essay 1 drft 2 - NAME- RAVINDERJOT SINGH ESSAY 1...

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NAME- RAVINDERJOT SINGH ESSAY 1 FINAL COPY “Friends: A Necessity” Time is a mysterious thing which teaches us many things in ways we have never imagined before. I never use to think seriously about life and things that are important to it. Well a person’s family is important in one’s life but there are many other things or more precisely individuals that affect one’s life and we never think about it unless we are separated from them. When I was in India studying in my high school all I wanted was to study in one of best the colleges in the world and mainly in the U.S.A. That was the most important thing to me at that time. I won’t say I worked real hard for it nor was I careless. I used to score good in my exams and also I liked to spend my time with my friends. And, when my final exams came all I wanted was to do well so that I can get good scores and get admission in the top universities in U.S.A. and I finally I was there in U.S.A. I was really exited about it. My so called hard work paid off. And, finally my parents thought that I am capable of doing something. My brother is also with me so I thought I will not be alone but that was just before my classes started that I realized that the most of the time that used to spend was with my friends. Besides they were the one’s who solved my problems relating to studies and other day to day problems When I came to U.S.A. I had not made any friends.
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eng 101 essay 1 drft 2 - NAME- RAVINDERJOT SINGH ESSAY 1...

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