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PSY 3301 TEST #2: REVIEW Chap. 5-8 textbook The test #2 will have only multiple choice & true/false questions (=there is no SPSS component) You need to bring for the test a copy of the unit normal table!!! z-score (purpose, meaning, interpretation, location in a frequency distribution) z-scores (i.e. standardized) distribution: properties (i.e., shape, mean, standard deviation) how to use a z-score for comparison between data sets random sampling probability (how to find simple probability, relationship between probability & proportion) normal distribution (definition & how to use info from the normal distribution table=how to answer questions similar to homework problems) Central limit theorem Standard error (definition, interpretation & how is it affected by sample size & population standard deviation; relation to sampling error)
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Unformatted text preview: Z-score for the distribution of sample means (meaning & interpretation) How to use the normal distribution table to answer problems related to a sampling distribution Steps & logic of hypothesis testing Null & alternative hypothesis (how to state them & how to make a correct decision about them) The meaning of the alpha level (i.e., statistical significance, critical region, how to find a critical z-value) Type I & Type II error in hypothesis testing 1- & 2-tailed tests in hypothesis testing Cohens d= effect size (relationship between significance & effect size) Statistical Power How different (relevant) factors such as a sample size, population variance, standard error, size of the difference, significance level, one- vs. two-tailed test can affect the outcome of hypothesis testing...
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