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Review_TEST_1 - TEST#1 REVIEW Psy 3301 Ch 1-4 textbook and...

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TEST #1: REVIEW Psy 3301 Ch. 1-4 textbook and SPSS software – StatLab Instructions 1-3 The Test #1 will consist of 50 questions (True/False and multiple-choice form) covering the textbook/lecture material from chaps.1-4 and the SPSS task corresponding to the StatLab Instructions #1- 2 . Basic concepts from Chap.1 such as a sample, population, statistics, parameters, descriptive & inferential statistics, sampling error, discrete & continuous variables Correlational, experimental & quasi experimental method (what is the difference b/w them & be able to identify the method type from a research example) Experimentation: manipulation, control, dependent, independent & confounding variable, causal interpretation of outcomes Difference b/w experimental & quasi-experimental method Scales of measurements Statistical notation (i.e., be able to read & write expressions with sigma/summation notation & know the order of mathematical operations) familiarity w/symbols that
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