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1AEntering_Data_in_SPSS - PSY 3301 StatLab 1A Introduction...

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PSY 3301 StatLab 1A: Introduction to SPSS 16.0 and Entering Data Note: Version 16 of SPSS is the current software used in the computer lab. First you’ll need to log into a computer using your Texas State username and password. Your username is the same as your e-mail, and your password the same as what you use to access your e-mail. For example, your TA’s e-mail is [email protected] so her username is bb1491 . In addition, if you have a username and password to access CatsWeb, it is the same as those. 1. Open SPSS (i.e., double-click on the SPSS icon on the desktop, or click on Start button Programs SPSS) 2. You should see a window like the one below giving options: 3. Choose “Type in data”, then click “OK” 4. You will see a screen that looks like a spreadsheet; this is either the “Data View” or “Variable View” window. Click on the tabs to go from one view to the other. (see below) Notice at the bottom left of the screen that you have “Data View” and “Variable View” tabs. The “Data View” spreadsheet view is where your data is entered (e.g., scores, gender, etc…) Press the “ Variable View ” tab (at the bottom left), and you will see the “ Variable View ” window where you define your variables (see below).
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Each row defines a separate variable. If you enter a variable Name into a row of the first column of the Variable View, it will show up as a column name on the Data View. Run through Tutorial(below) to learn the options under the Variable View. A) In the Variable View, the “ Name ” column is where you name your variables. You can’t use spaces between characters in the variable name (i.e., use meaningful letter abrreviations or full names) B) The second column is the “ Type ”. The default is “Numeric” . If it instead shows “ String ” (i.e., letters/ words), then change it to numeric by highlighting the word string, then clicking on the gray “ ” box that shows up next to it. C) The third column is the “
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1AEntering_Data_in_SPSS - PSY 3301 StatLab 1A Introduction...

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