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2b_Bar_graphs_Histograms__Descriptive_Stats - depends on a...

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Your Name:_____________________ STAT Lab 2B: homework - Bar graphs and histograms Open TRACS, go into Resources: Course Documents: Stat Lab: StatLab 2 – you will find there the Coping.sav SPSS data file. Save the “Coping” data file onto your flash drive close TRACS and then re- open the Coping data file using SPSS. Using the Coping data set create one Bar Graph and one Histogram for selected variables (which variable you use for the Bar graph is up to you but make sure you remember that the selection of the graph
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Unformatted text preview: depends on a variable scale). . Edit titles and X & Y labels. The bar graph and histogram should be all on the same output sheet and saved on your flash drive. Remember that you have to save the data file and output file separately. If you complete this assignment in class, raise your hand and I will check you off as completed homework. The SPSS outputs of the 2A & 2B instruction and are due at the beginning of our next StatLab class meeting on Tue 09/08....
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