3A Descriptive Statistics

3A Descriptive Statistics - we will not mess with it 7 Hit...

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3A STATLAB: Descriptive Statistics 1. Enter the SPSS program. 2. Click on Cancel 3. Blank data set appears. Click on File – Open Data . Open your Allergy Symptoms saved data from StatLab #1. 4. Click on Analyze – Descriptive Statistics – Frequencies 5. A box should appear. In the left column select /click on/ highlight Age variable and then hit the arrow button in between the two columns to move Age over to the “variable” right column. 6. Make sure the “Display frequency tables” (lower left) is Not selected. This will give you a frequency table that differs from the ones you have created in class so
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Unformatted text preview: we will not mess with it. 7. Hit the “ Statistics ” button (left button, lower right) and select the statistics you want. Under Central tendency select: mean, median, mode . Under Dispersion select: Std. deviation, Variance, Minimum, Maximum . Click Continue and t hen press OK . 8. Output will pop up and you should see your descriptive statistics of variable Age 9. Save your data output for your own reference onto your flash drive. Close out of these files and begin 3B StatLab assignment....
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