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3B Descriptive Statistics

3B Descriptive Statistics - 3B STATLAB Histograms...

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3B STATLAB: Histograms & descriptive statistics Open the Coping data file (the file is posted in StatLab 2 folder in case you did not saved it onto your flash drive) using SPSS. Using the Coping data create Histogram with descriptive statistics of Age variable. After completing the task, review the output with the histogram and corresponding descriptive statistics. In the space provided below, answer these questions : Is your histogram of Age variable skewed? Yes ____ No _____ (check one answer) If you answered Yes, is it positively or negatively skewed? Positively skewed _______ Negatively skewed _______ (check one) Now, look at the values of Mean, Median and Mode in the descriptive statistics output table; in the space below write the name & the value of central tendency measure (i.e., mean, median or mode) that correctly corresponds to labels listed below (i.e., arrange them in order from the highest to lowest) Highest: __________________ = ______________ (write computed value) In-between: __________________= ______________ Lowest: ___________________= ______________ If the histogram is skewed in the opposite direction, what
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