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StatLab 7C: One-way Anova (between-groups) 1. Read problem # 24 p. 377 from the textbook 2. 3. If the outcome of one-factor Anova shows a significant difference between groups perform a post-hoc test (Scheffe or Tukey) to identify which groups are significantly different make a graph showing difference in average number of errors between groups
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Review the results & type into your output: (Don’t forget your NAME) Ho: H 1 : F( , ) = ________ p _____ (i.e., APA style format) Conclusion (elaborate = is there a significant difference & what the differences are): 5. Save Output and data. Print output (using Landscape view) and hand in at or before the beginning of class next time ....
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