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StatLab: Practice problems for StatLab Test#3 For all four statistical tests (i.e., problem 1, 2, : create the data set (double check your data entry to avoid errors) formulate H 0 and H 1 compute an appropriate test in order to answer the research question if you conducted a t-test (any type) and results are statistically significant, make a graph to demonstrate the difference (don’t forget to include a title and description of X write the obtained statistic value and the significance level in a correct APA format write a full/descriptive conclusions/interpretation of the obtained results assume p< .05 level of significance two-tail for all three statistical tests Print your output (remember to change “Orientation” to Landscape before printing!) NOTE : On the Test#3 you will be given three problems (i.e. ,will need to conduct & interpret 3 out of 4 possible statistical tests; the StatLab part will be worth 30% of the test grade)
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Stat_Lab_Practice_for_Test_3 - StatLab: Practice problems...

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