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2310 Functions of American Government Exam 3. Reading List America’s Democratic Republic Chapter 3.  The Presidency From:  “The Framers Conception of the Presidency”  - 167 “The Powers and Roles of the President”  167-173 “The “White House Staff”  173-174 The Executive Office of the President”  174-175 Chapter 4.  The Parties From:  “In theory, political parties can do a number of things…” 194-195 “History of the Two-Party System” 195-198 This section receives the most attention.  There is an additional “History of the Two-
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Unformatted text preview: Party System” handout and accompanying video, “A Third Choice” What best way to understand the role of parties than the introductory presentation, pp.194-195, and a study of the history of parties in the U.S.i “The Role of Minor Part4es in the Two-Party System” 201 “Party Conventions” 204-205 “National Party Committees” 205 - Additional lecture material...
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