Measuring the Difference Threshold

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Application of Weber’s Law: Measuring the Difference Threshold By doing a simple experiment with pebbles, you can show that the difference threshold (DL) gets larger as the standard stimulus gets larger. Follow the instructions below. Supplies : 2 paper plates: One labeled “comparison” and one labeled “standard.” A bunch of glass pebbles Tasks : One member of the group should serve as the “experimenter” and another should serve as the “participant.” You may wish to assign a third group member to the task of documenting the results. Your group will likely contain more than 3 people, so please feel free to take turns in the various roles. Instructions : Have the experimenter place 10 pebbles on a small paper plate (the standard) and 11 on another plate (the comparison). Have the participant close his/her eyes while the experimenter moves the plates around in the manner of a shell game. With eyes closed, have the participants pick up the plates and try to decide which plate is heavier (document the results). After making this judgment, repeated the
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