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Phylum Mollusca

Phylum Mollusca - -nautiloids have external shell coiled...

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Phylum Mollusca Major Group: Cephlapods, thought to be sister group to gastropods, all predatory, image forming eye spectacular, color/texture detecting, well developed brain, most use jet propulsion, modified mantle for jet propulsion, modified foot into tentacles and funnel, ability to modify skin color, radula: tongue with teeth on it scraping flesh -4 subdivisions: nautiloids, octopods, cuttlefish, squid -tentacles: muscular “limbs” w/ suction cups for grip
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Unformatted text preview: -nautiloids have external shell, coiled shell, gas in shell for buoyancy, tropical oceans: cliffy areas-cuttlefish and squid have internal skeleton-cuttlefish are differentiated from squid by a fin around the mantle -squid are incredibly mobile/fast-octopus male uses one arm to “give” sperm to female’s mantle, octopus only mates once then die-muscular hydrostat: contraction of muscles to extend the arm, similar to tongue...
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