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1 Biological Sciences 2C-Shaffer, Eisen & Maloof Fall Quarter 2008 Final Examination Answer Key Please Read the Instructions First . Check your pages--there are 18 pages in this exam (including this page). You are responsible for making sure that you have all the pages. This examination is worth 150 points. Please bubble in the 9 digits of your student ID number on your scantron. Bubble the number from the bottom of the scantron into the scantron num- ber box. Mark Test Form A. Calculators cannot be used on the test. True/False Questions— 12 questions worth 2 points each: 24 points total Multiple Choice Questions— 30 questions worth 3 pts each: 90 points total 1. Indicate your answers on the scantron sheet using a number 2 or a test scor- ing pencil. Press heavily, don’t stray out of the margins and completely erase any changed answers. 2. If you think that a multiple choice question is ambiguous or confusing, use the “explanation sheet” at the end of the examination to explain the problem. Put your name on this sheet—we tear them off to read them! Fill-in Questions- 10 questions, some with multiple parts, worth 36 pts total Bonus Questions- 6 questions, some with multiple parts, worth 16 pts total 1. Use pen only (no grade corrections for pencil). 2. Write only one answer per question--you can elaborate on an answer, but you will not be given any credit if you write two different answers to the ques- tion . 3. Spelling rules: 1/2 credit for 2-3 letters wrong or transposed. No points will be given if the misspelling alters the meaning of the word. You have 120 minutes to complete the exam. Budget your time – be sure to leave enough time to complete the fill-ins at the end of the exam, as they are worth 24% of the exam. Page 9: ________ Page 10: ________ Page 11: ________ Page 12: ________ Page 13: ________ Page 14: ________ Page 15: ________
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2 True/False (2 points each) Indicate whether the sentence or statement is true or false. Use A for true and B for false. 1 . All living tetrapods have four limbs. FALSE 51% correct 2 . More than 50% of the world’s biodiversity in terms of species is made up of metazoan bilaterean deuterostomes. FALSE 76% correct 3 . Heterotrophs convert carbon dioxide into sugars FALSE 92% correct 4 . Barnacles are a kind of arthropod. TRUE 59% correct 5 . Tracheids are an informative character for determining the sister group to all vascular plants. FALSE 67% correct 6 . All metazoans are either diploblastic or triploblastic. FALSE 93% correct 7 . Nicotiana attenuata flowers that do not produce nicotine lose more nectar to pollinators than flowers that do produce nicotine. TRUE 89% correct 8 . If we define metazoans as the most recent common ancestor of a sponge and a human, then ctenophores are NOT metazoans. FALSE 88% correct 9 . Porifera is monophyletic. FALSE 83% correct 10 . The nucleus is a synapomorphy for eukaryotes TRUE 93% correct 11 . All chordates have vertebrae. FALSE 91% correct 12 . Secondarily-aquatic tetrapod vertebrates have never re-evolved pharyngeal slits.
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BIS2C_Fall_2008_Final__KEY-2 - Biological Sciences...

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