11-4 Lecture - 11/4/09 AEM 2400 Lecture Denise Morrison...

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11/4/09 AEM 2400 Lecture Denise Morrison Key Messages Campbell’s Soups are a highly relevant food choice for today’s wellness seeking and value conscious consumers Soup is the perfect affordable nourishing simple meal and we believe there is significant potential in that broader arena We will continue to build momentum on key platforms such as sodium reduction and vegetable nutrition o Product/image has too much sodium (tomato soup) We have broadened the scale of our innovation efforts across our icon brands o Innovation is the key to success because it differentiates your brand and makes it valuable to consumers We will highlight our value positioning and it will be very evident in our marketing and merchandising Soup business is Campbell’s largest business in US We continue to ensure soup’s relevance through innovation and partnerships Easy open lids On the go (microwavable) Healthy Request soup Wolfgang Puck acquisition Enormous Potential in Larger Simple Meals Arena 57 Categories Campbell’s $83B core competitive Top 4 soup companies have nearly 100% of the market (public and private labels) Only a couple people in soup category Campbell’s has over 60% of the market Affordable and Nourishing Affordable o Total preferred value model
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11-4 Lecture - 11/4/09 AEM 2400 Lecture Denise Morrison...

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