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9/23/09 AEM 2400 Guest Speaker Sam Reese CEO of Miller Heiman 50% of people go into sales or sales related jobs after graduation MH works with all types of companies effective B2B sales requires a synchronization of marketing and sales Successful Sales Professionals: 1. Plan 2. Believe in Process 3. Listen 4. Are Curious 5. Are Problem Solvers 6. Have situational fluency Before the availability of info, internet, competition sales was much easier Xerox used to have a “FUD” process: Fear, uncertainty, doubt because Xerox’s sales and marketing were misaligned McKinsey Organic Growth: Improve marketing, products, pricing, distribution, customer service, customer relations, effectiveness of the sales force In a difficult economy, sales and marketing become more important because of the lack of excess capital
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Unformatted text preview: necessitates organic growth STM Alignment – 91% of world class companies, 37% for others convince companies to participate in study by giving them the completed study Old School: telling, sharing, talking, explaning, data dumping New Thought: Listening, asking, questioning, discussing, probing “Facilitate buying process”, don’t just try to drive sales Deliver commodity that meets specs Deliver “good” products or services Provide “good” service and support Contribute to business issues Contribute to organizational issues Must understand Customer Relationships! Performing in Tumultuous Times: Performers, planners, justifiers, blamers CMD: builds brand through “thought leadership”, targets executives in Fortune 1000 companies...
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