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Monster in your house or angel on a leash? What is a pit bull?  “Fierce,” “bloodthirsty,” “untamable,” “a menace to society.” These are among the words you think of when you hear people talk about the American Pit Bull Terrier. You might think your definition is right on when you think about what a pit bull is. You see on the news how a pit bull or a pit bull-like dog attacked and killed a child or the dozens of fighting dogs in the Michael Vick case. But what if you found out that these monster dogs make one of the best dogs for children, incredibly good therapy dogs, and probably one of the most loyal breeds of dogs? Yes, the same “vicious” fighting dog present on the Michael Vick case on the news, and the same breed that is euthanized just because it is illegal in some counties is the same breed visiting the ill in hospitals and playing in the yard with little kids. Sadly, the odds are against the poor pit bull: they have a bad reputation, a lot of them are owned by drug dealers and dog fighters, they are confused with many other “bully” breeds, and they have a dark history of fighting bulls and other dogs to the death. In Diane Jessup’s novel The Dog Who Spoke with Gods some characters seem to be all about helping and saving animals but refuse to help Demean just because he is a pit bull. Although pit bulls have the capacity to bite and kill (like a lot of dogs do), they really make a wonderful pet if properly socialized just like any other breed. It might sound near impossible but people who truly know the breed should stand up and educate the public about pit bulls. Many people are oblivious as to what a pit bull really is. They are often confused with similar breeds such as the Bull terrier, American Staffordshire terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, American bulldog, Olde English bulldogge , Alapaha blue-blood bulldog (breeds mentioned in All About Pit Bulls), and mongrels or mixed-breeds that are physically similar to the pit bull. So what is a pit bull? The American Pit Bull Registry defines the Pit Bull as a
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pitbulfinalrevision1 - ?Whatisapitbull Fierce bloodthirsty...

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