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Soft microprocessor From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation , search A soft microprocessor (also called softcore microprocessor or a soft processor ) is a microprocessor core that can be wholly implemented using logic synthesis . It can be implemented via different semiconductor devices containing programmable logic (e.g., FPGA , CPLD ). Most systems, if they use a soft processor at all, only use a single soft processor. However, a few designers tile as many soft cores onto an FPGA as will fit [1] . In those multi-core systems, rarely-used resources can be shared between all the cores in a cluster, leading to Jan's Razor. Jan's Razor: In a chip multiprocessor design, strive to leave out all but the minimal kernel set of features from each processing element, so as to maximize processing elements per die. [2] Jan Gray Contents [ hide ] 1 Core compar ison 2 See also 3 Referen ces 4 Externa l links [ edit ] Core comparison Processor Developer Open Bus Support Notes Project Home
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