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58 XV. The Amebas (Chapter 7) 2009 A. Taxonomic relationships among the Protozoa 1. Extensive recent revisions with data from… a. Molecular biology b. Comparative studies of organelle ultrastructure 2. Some traditionally important structures are no longer considered important phylogenically a. Pseudopodia are not homologous; they evolved more than once b. Flagella are ancestral organelles common to all eukaryotes Picture Slide Phylogeny of the Eukaryotes according to Adl et al, 2006; From Roberts & Janovy, 2009 B. Obligate parasites/commensals 1. Family Endamoebidae pp 107-116 2. Typical life-cycle a. TROPHOZOITE (1) Motile stage (2) Boundary is not rigid b. CYST (1) Surrounded by resistant membrane (2) Adapted for survival outside host c. Vector usually water 3. Important structures a. CHROMATOID BODIES (1) Stain well (2) Taxonomically useful (3) Ribosomes assisting in protein metabolism b. ENDOSOME: nucleolus c. PSEUDOPOD = “False foot” (1) Usually just one per individual in this family (2) Retractable extrusion of cytoplasm (3) Functions in locomotion & feeding Picture Slide: Parasites & Hollywood, The Blob starring Steve McQueen 4. Entamoeba histolytica a. Causes amebic dysentery (1) aka = invasive intestinal amebiasis (2) Prevalence about 10% in humans worldwide b. Transmitted by cysts originating in fecal material Picture Slide: Gary Larson c. Location (1) Usually in ileum of small intestine and colon (= large intestine) (2) Pathogenic form in almost any tissue d. Pathology (1) Ranked 3rd (behind malaria & schistosomiasis) as eukaryotic parasitic cause of human death
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15Amebas09[1] - XV. The Amebas (Chapter 7) 2009 A....

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