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19%20Myxozoa09[1] - XIX Phylum Myxozoa(MYXO = mucus A...

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72 XIX Phylum Myxozoa (MYXO = mucus) - Chapter 11 2009 A. Parasites of invertebrates and fish Picture Slide: A channel cat heavily infected with Henneguya exilis B. Morphological characteristics 1. Structure of spores much different from all other protozoans a. Multicellular b. Spores covered by 1 to 3 VALVES Picture Slide: Examples of Myxozoan Spores, Fig. 11.4, p. 187 2. POLAR FILAMENT a. Morphology (1) Located at one end of spore (2) Within a POLAR CAPSULE b. Structurally similar to nematocysts of cnidarians (sea anemones, jellyfish, corals) Picture Slide: Examples of Myxozoan Spore Structure, Fig. 11.3a & b, p. 186 C. Life cycle 1. Direct 2. Stages a. Spore (1) Ingested by host (2) Polar filament discharges (3) Spore anchored to intestinal wall of host b. Motile trophozoite (1) Emerges from spore (2) Penetrates host epithelium (3) Migrates to host organ where final development occurs (4) Generative cells (= Gametes) form within trophozoite c. PANSPOROBLAST (1) Micro- & macrogametes fuse to form spore-forming stage, sporoblast (2)
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