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Suggestions for Working in Groups

Suggestions for Working in Groups - MA 167 Pointers for...

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MA 167 Pointers for Working in Groups Get to know one another. You will be spending a good deal of time working together, and need to learn to appreciate each other's strengths and weaknesses. Create a relaxed, but efficient working environment. Let everyone know that their ideas are of value, that no questions are too trivial to ask, that everyone makes mistakes. Criticism should be directed at ideas, not at individuals. Proceed at a pace that is comfortable for your own group. Don't worry about the progress of other groups, unless your group seems to be falling behind the majority of the class. Make sure everyone reads the text before working on a problem. Begin with a general discussion of an activity/problem. Talk about what the activity/problem is and what it says. Listen carefully to the ideas suggested by others, and try to build on those ideas. Cooperate with other group members. This means listening to the ideas of others, trying methods
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