Lecture-10.23 - Lecture- 10/23/09 Thermogenesis in...

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Lecture- 10/23/09 Thermogenesis in philodendrons 1. Temperature is a function of the plant 2. Uses respiration to generate heat 3. Respiration isn't doing any work; everything converted to waste heat Brown fat in newborn mammals is similar to thermogenesis in plants 1. Not the same as white fat (adipose cells) 2. Many capillary vessels in brown fat (hence the color) Photosynthesis: light energy to fix CO 2 and split water; make carbohydrates and oxygen 1. Dominant form: oxygenic photosynthesis 2. Perfomred by photoautotrophs 3. Two types: light reactions and carbon fixation 4. Carbon fixation takes inorganic carbon dioxide to organic CH 2 O 5. Rubisco: fuels the Calvin-Benson cycle in carbon fixation The biomass of a plant comes mostly from the air 1. This is due to photosynthesis Light as energy source fro both 1. Chemiosmotic ATP synthesis (photophosphorylation) 2. Reduced electron carriers for CO 2 fixation (reduction of carbon dioxide to carbohydrate) Not all 3 domains of life do photosynthesis 1. Archaea: no known photoautotrophs 2. Only Bacteria and Eukaryotes Light is a form of electromagnetic energy 1. E=hv (where h= planck's constant)
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2. Wavelength and frequency are inversely proportional
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Lecture-10.23 - Lecture- 10/23/09 Thermogenesis in...

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