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M2 - Practice Exam - Biology 1510 Fall 2006: Exam 2 General...

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Biology 1510 Fall 2006: Exam 2 General Instructions: • Read these instructions. Do not open this exam until instructed to do so. • Note the version of this exam, which is shown in the header to each page. Bubble in the version number in Column P under "Special Codes". If you do this incorrectly, your exam will not be graded with the correct key, which will likely result in a very poor grade. • Completely fill in your name and 9-digit GT ID number (9xxxxxxxx) on the left side of the exam sheet. Start entering your ID number from the first column on the left and leave the last column blank. Your ID number is critical in entering your score into the class database. Any errors in your exam version, name and/or ID entries will result in 5 points being subtracted from your final score! This is not a joke! • This exam contains 54 questions, each worth 2 points. You can score a maximum of 100 points on this exam, so you can potentially attain the maximum score even if you skip or miss 4 questions. • Please look over the entire exam before starting to work on any part of it. Please make sure that your copy of the exam includes all 11 pages of questions. • Write your name at the bottom of each exam page. • Please think through each answer carefully. None of these are intended to be trick questions, so try to answer only the question asked. Choose the best answer among the choices given. • Turn in both your exam copy and your answer sheet. You must show your student ID when you turn in your exam. Please have your ID and your section ID ready when you turn in your exam. • Good luck! Name: _______________________________ p. 1 of 11
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Biology 1510 Fall 06: Exam 2 (version 1) Use the following life table for a hypothetical cohort of organisms to answer questions 1-3. Age Interval (y) Number alive at beginning Number Dying Death Rate Number of Offspring per Individual 0–1 200 150 0.75 0 1–2 50 (?) 0.20 0 2–3 40 20 0.50 3 3–4 20 (?) 0.50 9 4–5 10 10 1.00 4 5-6 0 1. During which of the following age intervals does this organism have the highest risk of mortality? A. 0–1 B. 1–2 C. 2–3 D. 3–4 E. Cannot tell from the information in the table 2. Which of the following statements is true? A. 10 individuals died in age interval 1-2. B. 20 individuals died in age interval 1-2. C. More individuals died in age interval 1-2 than in age interval 3-4. D. Individuals have the highest probability of dying during their second year of life. E. None of the above are true. 3. From this life table, you can conclude that A. individuals begin reproducing in their first year of life. B. the oldest individuals have the highest reproductive output. C. on average, reproductive output is lower for age interval 3–4 than for the interval 4–5. D.
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M2 - Practice Exam - Biology 1510 Fall 2006: Exam 2 General...

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