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Unformatted text preview: AEM1200, Introduction to Business Management. AEM1200, Friday 11/14 Diversity and Business Management Definition and value of workplace diversity Superficial and deep diversity Implementing and managing a diverse Implementing workplace workplace The protection, respect and inclusion of the entire package of attributes that each employee contributes to the workplace. employee Different skills, experiences and backgrounds in the workplace can help foster and drive business growth, innovation and success. growth, Workplace Diversity Predicted U.S. Population, by Race, 2005-2070 by Diversity Is Not Affirmative Action Diversity Affirmative Action A purposeful, established program Narrow focus Legal requirement Compensate for past discrimination Controversial May exist without a May program program Broad focus Not legally based Create a positive work Create environment environment Generally accepted The Business Case for Diversity The 1. A talent shortage that requires us to seek out and use the full capabilities of all our employees. 2. The need to be like our customers, including the need to understand and communicate with them in terms that reflects their concerns. 3. Diverse teams produce better results. Diversity Makes Good Business Sense Diversity Cost savings Reduced absenteeism Reduced turnover Avoidance of lawsuits Attracts better and more diverse job applicants Has higher stock market performance Encourages stars to stay Better understanding of the marketplace Better decision making Attracting and retaining talent Driving business growth Surface and Deep-Level Diversity Surface Surface-Level Diversity Age Personality Physical Capabilities Attitudes Race/ Ethnicity Deep-Level Diversity Values/Beliefs Gender Surface-level Diversity Surface-level Age Race Performance does not decline Performance with age with Older employees show better Older judgment, and are less likely to quit, show up late, or be absent absent Glass ceiling Reduce by: eliminating unclear selection eliminating and promotion criteria and training managers who make training hiring and promotion decisions decisions Gender Mental or physical disabilities Reduce by: invisible barrier that keeps invisible women and minorities from advancing to the top of the organization organization Can be diminished by: mentoring stopping unintentional stopping behavior behavior educating to address educating incorrect stereotypes incorrect committing to reasonable committing workplace accommodations workplace recruiting qualified workers recruiting with disabilities with Gender Gender Gender Gender Big Five Dimensions of Personality Big Extraversion Emotional Stability Agreeableness Conscientiousness Openness to Experience Work-Related Personality Dimensions Work-Related Authoritarianism Machiavellian Tendencies Type A/B Personality Locus of Control Positive / Negative Affectivity Diversity Paradigms Diversity DIVERSITY PARADIGM FOCUS Discrimination and Fairness Access and Legitimacy Learning And Effectiveness Equal opportunity Fair treatment Recruitment of minorities Strict compliance with laws Acceptance and celebration of differences Integrating deep-level differences into organization Organizational Plurality Organizational A work environment where: All members are empowered to contribute in a way that All maximizes the benefits to the organization, customers, themselves themselves The individuality of each member is respected by not The segmenting or polarizing people based on their membership in a group membership Key Developments Key Companies Are Moving Beyond Compliance Increasingly, companies are viewing diversity as a key Increasingly, component of business strategy, rather than an human resources or compliance issue. Where once "diversity" tended to refer to visible characteristics Where like sex, race or age, companies are starting to define diversity more broadly to include beliefs, skills and talents, life experiences, thought processes, and working styles. experiences, Broader Interpretation of Diversity Broader Increasing Globalization Affects Employees, Sales Increasing and Approaches and As markets become progressively more global, companies As around the world recognize the need to hire a diverse workforce and understand the needs of diverse consumers. and Whether voluntarily or because of unsupportive company Whether cultures, there is growing evidence to suggest that professional women are leaving large companies, either to become full-time mothers or to start entrepreneurial ventures of their own. Women Might Be "Opting Out" Implementation Steps Implementation Define Diversity Broadly and Inclusively Make Diversity a Corporate Value Link Diversity to Company Strategy Balance Global and Local Needs Communicate Ensure Diverse Representation Implement Broad Education Programs Include Diversity in the Planning Process Hold Employees Accountable Involve Employees Measure Success Warnings Warnings Diversity strategies require sturdy top management Diversity support support Jayne & Dipboye (2004), “Leveraging Diversity to Improve Business Jayne Performance”, Human Resource Management, 43(4) Performance”, Diversity increases coordination costs Richard (2000), “Racial Diversity, Business Strategy and Firm Richard Performance”, Academy of Management Journal, 43(2) Performance”, Diversity in conditions of high internal competition is Diversity damaging damaging Kochan et al (2003), “The Effects of Diversity on Business Kochan Performance”, Human Resource Management, 42(1) Performance”, Take Aways Take Dealing with potential and actual employee Dealing diversity is a major area of continued work within HR units currently. HR While continuous emphasis on minimizing age, While race, gender, and disability discrimination remains, the focus in on integrating differences as an advantage; as Building the diverse workplace is an strategic Building activity… activity… ...
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