High growth ventures businesses with ambitious sales

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Unformatted text preview: es. High growth ventures Businesses with ambitious sales, profit, and growth Businesses objectives objectives Low tech: franchising, retailing, marketing orientation; High tech: disruptive technologies, venture capital. The SMEs in the US The 97% of businesses in the U.S.A. are considered small 80% of first jobs; 45% of gross domestic product; 750,000 businesses started every year; Create 75% of new jobs. Small Business Small Personalized Service/ Personalized Personal Contact Personal Flexibility Lower Costs Innovation Innovation Opportunities Opportunities - Limited Experience Long Hours Insufficient Capital High Failure Rate Internationalization of small business Internationalization 1. World Market 1. Absorb Excess Absorb 1. Financing Difficult 1. How to Get Started? 1. Lack of Cultural Lack 1. Soften U.S. Soften Inventory Inventory Understanding Understanding 1. Paperwork 1. Extend Product Life Downturns Downturns Successful small businesses Successful Have a clear and detailed plan of the activities of Have the business the Firmly engage in marketing Monitor and control operations closely Cope with red tape Adjust to growth Seek advice & assistance The Entrepreneurial Process The Opportunity recognition It is not just about creative ideas, but about ideas that It are feasible and have a market! are Business pla...
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