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CHEME 219 – Fall 2007 Prelim 1: November 13, 2007 Total points: 100 Time: 7:30 – 10: 00 PM Name:_____________________________ ( Please put your name on every sheet ) Please write your solutions in the allocated spaces below the questions. You can use the back of the sheets for scratch work. The last two sheets of the exam are blank. Write on these sheets if you need extra room, but be sure to label your notes so that I know which problem they correspond to. If you take apart the pages, staple them when you turn in your exam. Also, put your name on each page. Failure to do so could result in lost pages and NO credit for your work. Partial credit will be given, but you must show your work to get credit. You must box your answer and give appropriate units. When you use equations, charts, tables, etc. from your text, be sure to cite the source, e.g. equation 5.4-2, page 245. Permitted materials: Felder & Rousseau textbook and study guide, your lecture notes, your homework solutions, and a calculator. No other materials or aids are permitted, including other books, computers, other notes. Don’t risk it: cheating results in immediate expulsion. The following total point values are assigned to each problem: Problem 1: 20 pts Problem 2: 20 pts Problem 3: 30 pts Problem 4: 30 pts
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Name:_____________________________ Problem 1: A partition separates the two compartments of a vessel as shown in the figure below. The vessel
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prelim3_2007 - CHEME 219 Fall 2007 Prelim 1 Total points...

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