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yName:_________________________ Section Day (circle one): Monday Tuesday EngrD 2190 Quiz 6 October 15, 2008 We have been told that the amount of knowledge learnt can be modeled after water vapor. Suppose air (words) @ 35°C enters a system (brain) at relative humidity (relative knowledge) of 0.15 @ 10 moles/minute. During the lecture, John’s brain loses knowledge (due to him being distracted with doing crossword on the Cornell Daily Sun) which can be modeled by an air flow with relative humidity 0.05, and 30°C. We also model John’s brain as a tank that can hold 100 moles of air, and has an initial relative humidity of 0.10. How long does the lecture have to be before John’s brain gets saturated with knowledge? i.e. How long before the tank accumulates enough water for it to be at saturation point? (assume pressure constant at 760mmHg) “Learning is like drinking salt water: you drink and your thirst increases.” – Ancient Proverb
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Unformatted text preview: Hint: relative humidity = General Health Information: Salt consumption and blood pressure have an exponential relationship Tank (100 moles capacity) Initial r.h.: 0.10 Temperature: 30C Input Stream 10 moles/minute r.h.: 0.15 Temperature: 35C Output Stream 10 moles/minute r.h.: 0.05 Temperature: 30C Answer: Refer to page 638: Vapor Pressure of water @ 35C = 42.175 Vapor Pressure of water @ 30C = 31.824 Rate of water entering system = (42.175/760) * 0.15 * 10 = 0.083 moles/minute Rate of water leaving system = (31.824/760) * 0.05 * 10 = 0.021 moles/minute Rate of water accumulation = 0.083 0.021 = 0.062 moles/minute Amount of water initially in tank = (31.824/760) * 0.1 * 100 = 0.42 moles Amount of water to saturate tank = (31.824/760) * 100 = 4.19 moles Amount of water needed to add to tank = 4.19 0.42 = 3.77 moles Time needed = 3.77/0.062 = 61 minutes...
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Quiz_6 - Hint: relative humidity = General Health...

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