Danziger 1 - Introduction to Clinical Microbiology...

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Introduction to Clinical Microbiology (Danziger) Microbiology: the study of organisms too small to be seen w/o magnification Bacteria o One-celled organisms o Lack true nucleus (distinguishes them from plant and animal cells) o Identified by: Gram stain Shape Colonial morphology Grown characteristics (e.g., anaerobic or aerobic) Biochemical profiles o Replicate via binary fission Viruses o Lacks a cell wall, cell membrane and ribosomal structures o Consist of nucleic acid (RNA or DNA) and a protein coat (which protects the virus) o Replicate only in living cells Prions o Small protein-like infectious particles which can spread disease o Termed "slow viruses" (decades to show themselves) o Differ from viruses in that they Do not have a virion structure or genome Are not inactivated by heat, radiation, or chemical agents (NO CURE) Responsible for neurodegenerative diseases generally classified under transmissible spongiform encephalopathy (TSEs) Scrapie (a disease of sheep) Kuru (found in members of the cannibals in New Guinea- Fore Tribe; eat brains) Creutzfeld- Jakob Disease Bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE or "Mad Cow Disease") - Deer meat - Cow meat - Increased Incidence w/ ingestion of liver or spleen Fungi o Eukaryotes and are classified as either yeast or molds o Diseases caused by fungi are called mycoses o Cell wall is made up of sterols o Infections are classified into 3 major clinical types of diseases: 1. Superficial: difficult to treat, but do not cause major disease 2. Opportunistic: can cause disease (not usually a cause of disease but may when the
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Danziger 1 - Introduction to Clinical Microbiology...

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