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Extra Credit Assignment - Linguistics 55AC Fall 2007...

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Linguistics 55AC Fall, 2007 Extra Credit (i.e., optional) – Event Assignment Submission Deadline: beginning of class (3:10 PM), Monday, November 26 absolutely no late submissions turn in double-spaced hardcopy to your GSI Summary : A theme of this course is that language use (or non-use) of various kinds can index social relationships and in general reflects a lot more than just basic communication. For the event assignment, you are expected to attend a live event and write an essay that describes and analyzes the language usage patterns (and other relevant issues) that you observed at that event with respect to the concepts and themes we’ve covered in class. Specifics : Attend an event where some language(s) other than English or interesting geographical or social varieties of English are likely to be featured. You will need to take careful notes as you are watching and/or participating in the event. In particular, you need to observe what languages or varieties are being utilized, and why a specific language/variety is being used at any given moment. (Is the code functioning metaphorically for something?) When appropriate, you should also consider the specific content of what’s being said in terms of its deeper meaning(s). Also be sure that you pay close attention to how a given person’s speech is being perceived by others. Next, write up a description of the event and your analysis of what happened there into an essay of 1000-1750 words . Minimally, an introductory paragraph should state exactly what the event was, when and where it took place, and other similarly important details about it. A descriptive title always helps! Also, please note that any essay that is judged to be
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Extra Credit Assignment - Linguistics 55AC Fall 2007...

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