CJ307chapter 8

CJ307chapter 8 - Woman Battering and Stalking Chapter 8...

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Woman Battering and Stalking Chapter 8 Also known as intimate partner violence Often an invisible crime Victims are reluctant to define themselves as victims or battered Once a woman is abused, she knows that potential is always there Often understate the degree of violence or injury they incur Batterers tend to minimize the frequency and seriousness of their violence Use excuses and justifications; deny responsibility Often blame alcohol, being frustrated or the victim Woman views herself as responsible for trying to control his explosions 4 categories of battering o physical battering: slapping, hitting, kicking, stabbing, nonsexual violence o sexual battering: sexual nature to the violence; beatings on the breasts, genitals, rape o psychological battering: threatens, demeans, discredits the victim o destruction of pets and property can be a combination of categories stalking: definition on page 270 someone who persistently pursues another individual in a way that instills fear in the target for hundreds of years, it has been recorded that men have abused women In the US, in the 1600s and 1700s, formal complaints numbered only 1 or 2 per decade Emergency shelters are often underfunded and overpopulated Courtship violence: sexual or other physical violence or threats of violence that occur in dating relationships Leaving a violent relationship as one of the most dangerous times for battered women Page 272 “pure victim” Approx 85% of intimate partner cases are women Men underestimate o The types/number of violence forms they use against their intimate female partners o How often they use these forms of violence
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CJ307chapter 8 - Woman Battering and Stalking Chapter 8...

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