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WomenCJEssays(Ch.6-8)(S04) - c Self-blame and shame d...

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Women and the CJ System Essay Topics (Ch. 6-8)(S04) Know the history of rape laws including the elements of common law rape, utmost and reasonable resistance and how modern laws have changed. Know the information on strangulation including what it is, how it is done, and the dangers. Know what stalking is, the impact it has on victims including emotional/psychological reactions, the impact of an order of protection and the types of innovative responses used by law enforcement. BECAUSE I HAD TO COVER STALKING SO FAST Here are the emotional/psychological reactions (not covered well in the book) and innovative approaches. 1. From others a. Disbelief b. Blaming victim c. Believe victim, but no help d. Supportive 2. From police a. Disbelief b. Sympathetic but feel cannot do anything 3. Victim’s reactions a. Powerlessness/loss of control b. Desperation and isolation
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Unformatted text preview: c. Self-blame and shame d. Hypervigilance or overreactivity e. Sleep disturbances f. Avoidance of intimacy g. Weight loss or gain h. Substance abuse i. Intense fear of crowds or being alone j. Anxiety and depression Innovative responses Suspect intervention —police personally call or warn by letter to stop the stalking Ft. Lauderdale —stalking the stalker 1. Neil Rosen served 2 mo. for stalking ex-wife 2. PD knew he would go back 3. He contacted victim and caller ID showed he was in area 4. That day, drove to her apartment, blocked her car in driveway and went to her door 5. Police had followed—ARRESTED on violation of order of protection before he could harm the victim Dover, NH Video of 2 men who had stalked their wives before they murdered them. Video shown to men who are booked on stalking charges....
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WomenCJEssays(Ch.6-8)(S04) - c Self-blame and shame d...

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