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Stata - Basics by example-4 This handout describes two new Stata features: first, the use of the #delimit command to change the default end of command from the end of a line to a semicolon; then how to read an ascii (text) dataset in fixed column format using infix . #delimit ; clear; set mem 20m; infix str dupersid 9-16 age00x 212-213 sex 220 hrwg31x 545-550
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Unformatted text preview: hrwg42x 551-556 hrwg53x 557-562 using "d:\teaching\eco721\lab\h50.dat"; des; sum; gen wage=hrwg31x if hrwg31x>0; replace wage=hrwg42x if wage==. & hrwg42x>0; replace wage=hrwg53x if wage==. & hrwg53x>0; sum wage, detail;...
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