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hw4-spring04 - variable(s independent variables b Describe...

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Econometrics: ECO 722: Homework 4 Due Thursday, April 16 Youmustturninthisassignment before class begins on the due date. In this and all future assignments, you are to turn in neatly written answers to all questions. For the experiments, please turn in a listing of your programs in addition to any output and answers. Photocopies are not acceptable. Loose pages will not be accepted. You must use a staple or paper clip. 1 . Provide a preliminary report on hypotheses, methods and data for your term project. Speci f cally, report on the following: a . Write down, in general form, the relationship you plan to estimate, i.e., the dependent
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Unformatted text preview: variable(s), independent variables. b . Describe your main hypotheses. Be sure to relate them to the relationships described in a, i.e., describe the null and alternative hypotheses and the economic theory (intuition) behind the hypotheses. c . Describe the structure of your dataset. Is it a survey of individuals? Cross section? Panel? Is it aggregate data? Time series? Panel? d . Provide appropriate summary statistics for the sample and variables you plan to use. e . Describe the econometric method you plan to use to estimate the relationship(s) in a. 1...
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