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hw2-spring04 - 93 252-256 a little closer Speci f cally...

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Econometrics: ECO 722: Homework 2 Due Thursday, March 11 You must turn in this assignment before class begins on the due date. In this and all future assignments, you are to turn in neatly written answers to all questions. For the experiments, please turn in a listing of your programs in addition to any output and answers. Photocopies are not acceptable. Loose pages will not be accepted. You must use a staple or paper clip. 1. In this exercise, we will try to replicate the results in Dushi and Honig (2003) [Price and Spouse’s Coverage in Employee Demand for Health Insurance, American Economic Review
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Unformatted text preview: , 93, 252-256] a little closer. Speci f cally, merge in spouse’s information into your dataset and re-estimate probit models. Ignore the endogeneity of the variable that describes whether the spouse is covered by health insurance. Describe your results. How do they compare with the results in Dushi and Honig? 2. Write a preliminary proposal for your term project. It must include a sketch of the topic, one or more references to articles that describe similar work (along one or more dimensions consisting of hypotheses, methods and data), and the dataset you plan to use. 1...
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