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Final Exam Equation Sheet

Final Exam Equation Sheet - from 101.325 kPa and 20 C to B...

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EIT/FE Exam Thermo Questions 1. An ideal gas experiences a constant pressure process at 206.8 kPa with an increase in volume of 566 Liters. What work is required to cause this volume change ? A. 91200 kJ B. 117 kJ C. 0.084 kJ D. 60 kJ E. 0.84 kJ 2. A 57 Liter volume of AIR is compressed from 1 atmosphere to 1.60 atm. in an isentropic process. What is the final volume of the air if it is further compressed to 208 kPa in an isentropic process ? 3. How much energy is required to heat 2.5 kg of water from 70 C to 95 C at 100 kPa pressure ? 4. A vapor and a liquid can coexist
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