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EIT/FE Exam Thermo Questions 1. An ideal gas experiences a constant pressure process at 206.8 kPa with an increase in volume of 566 Liters. What work is required to cause this volume change ? A. 91200 kJ B. 117 kJ C. 0.084 kJ D. 60 kJ E. 0.84 kJ 2. A 57 Liter volume of AIR is compressed from 1 atmosphere to 1.60 atm. in an isentropic process. What is the final volume of the air if it is further compressed to 208 kPa in an isentropic process ? A. 34 L B. 17 L C. 10.5 L D. 21 L E. 42 L 3. How much energy is required to heat 2.5 kg of water from 70 C to 95 C at 100 kPa pressure ? A. 105 kJ B. 31 kJ C. 211 kJ D. 262 kJ E. 78 kJ 4. A vapor and a liquid can coexist A. only at the triple point B. only above the critical pressure C. only below the triple point temperature D. only above the critical temperature E. below the critical temperature 5. What is the enthalpy of water at 165 C with quality of 97% ? A.
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