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Partizip I The form of the German verb called Partizip I (present participle) is a non-conjugated form of the verb. Partizip I is used as an adjective or adverb. It is not used as a verb or noun. In German, Partizip I is roughly equivalent to the -ing form of English verbs. EXAMPLES OF ENGLISH PRESENT PARTICIPLES: a fast running motor gracefully flowing gowns the burning leaves some slow growing trees many laughing children several hard working people PARTIZIP I IS FORMED by taking the stem of a German verb and adding the letters -nd or -end to the stem. The German -nd or -end is the equivalent to the English suffix -ing on the stem of a verb. Examples of German Partizip I: german infinitive verb stem participle marker partizip i english equivalent laufen lauf + end laufend running stinken stink + end stinkend stinking lachen lach + end lachend laughing sein sei + end seiend being tun tu + end tuend doing knistern knister + nd knisternd
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